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I've had it. I read an article in the paper the other day about the new Friday the 13th (I'm think) and it went through some of the sequels coming out this year. Transformers 2. Ice Age 3. Night at the Museum 2. Pink Panther 2. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Toy Story 3. JESUS CHRIST! Hollywood is full of money-grabbing pricks. Can't they just leave established movies alone? No, because they've ran out ideas, which brings me on to my next topic: turning anime series into movies. I'm actually curious to see the result of Dragonball Z but my hopes are not high. Akira is getting the same Hollywood treatment too and I fear it's going to raep the original anime. I also hear that there may be a Cowboy Bebop movie adaptation. With Keanu Reeves D:


I can't think of a title...

Damn, can't Bleach manga be released as early as Naruto manga? (good chapter this week though). SleepyFans suck. I wish Binktopia still did scanlations.


I beginning to like this heatwave. My school has decided to implement a new "Extreme Weather Policy" since the continuing days where it has been over 40C. The note wasn't very clear on how it works but from this Wednesday we get dismissed at 12.30pm! That means no Stage Band on Thursday! No part-test!


Help me, Sir Kaien!!!

Lolololololololol. This could go on forever. I bought Volume 12 of Bleach anime which has the episode where Rukia reminisces about Kaien and has the flashback. As some of you would know, Rukia refers to Kaien as 'Kaien-dono' (in the Japanese audio) which kind of means 'Master Kaien' but lets think of it as a very respectful way to refer to someone. Viz Media decides to translate it as 'Sir Kaien'. Lmfao. I will never get over this.


Unbelievable. I was sleeping in the lounge room last night and I happen to wake when my mum got home from work at 3am. She turned on the kitchen which blares straight into the lounge room. Soon after my sister gets back from the Schutzenfest and she and mum have a nice little conversation, oblivious to my presence nearby. Then dad gets up, and all of them go into the dining room and keep talking (rather loudly). They leave on the kitchen light, which is still in my face.

I lay there and contemplate my course of action. Should I stay here and try to get to sleep? Should I go out there and politely ask them to be quiet and then go into my bedroom? Should I storm out there and swear my face off at them? I really wanted to choose the 3rd option, but knowing I would get told off for that I chose option Numero Duo.

"Is this the morning party" I ask everyone.

No one knew I was in the lounge room. Oh come on, with the kitchen light on it's not hard to see that I'm in there. I went to my room, where there is no light and not much sound still fuming. Oh for love of god.

What a joke

Dear Bleach animators and producers,

Thanks for making Nnoitra such a fucking wimp and making the animation look crappy. You've made a mockery out of Kubo-sensei's work.


Top 10 Albums of 2008

Tonight is the night where the top ten albums of 2008 are revealed on Triple J, decided by the good listeners of Australia. What a debated subject. Last week was the J Awards (Australian artists nominations only) and The Preset's Apocalypso came on top. They were very worthy of the title of Australian Album of the Year and tonight I reckon they may come out on top again. Unless Kings of Leon grabs the spot. Anyway here's my list of the top 10 albums of 2008!

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Yellow & Purple

Hello readers. I don't know how you managed to find my journal but it's all good. It's kinda bare here so I wrote a Naruto drabble liven it up a little. I ain't a fantastic writer but I've got nothing else to write here really. This is a Naruto/Hinata drabble thingo. I've portrayed Naruto as the colour yellow and Hinata as the colour purple which are both complementary colours on the colour wheel. They make the other colour stand out and can create a great striking effect if used in a painting (It's more so the yellow affecting the purple in this story though). Hope you enjoy!

Title: Yellow & Purple
Pairing: Naruto/Hinata
Rating: K
Word Count: 200
Summary: She was always in the background until he came along.